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Optical Society of Serbia




Annual Assembly for 2015

Call for Annual Assembly for 2015

Dear colleagues, members of the Optical Society of Serbia,

You are invited to participate on the fourth Assembly of the Society, on Wednesday, December 23, 2015, 18:00, at the Faculty of Physics, hall 661, 3rd floor, address: Studentski trg 12.

The agenda of the meeting is:

  1. Introduction by the President of the Society
  2. Seminar by Dr Marko Spasenović, „Optomechanical cooling of a levitated nanoparticle“
  3. Financial report of the Society for 2015
  4. Review of the member activities in 2015
    • Brief review of the Photonics 2015 conference, by the chair of the Organizing Committee
    • Brief review of the celebration of the International Year of Light, by the chair of the Coordination Committee
  5. Election of new members for the Society bodies
    • Election for the new member of the Presidency, election for the new member of the Steering Committee, election for the Secretary
  6. Other issues

The Presidency nominates Prof. Jelena Radovanović for the new member of the Presidency. All the Society members are invited to nominate the candidates for new members of all the Society bodies.


Secretary of the Society